Wednesday, May 26, 2010

They asked me to swear on the Bible to tell the truth
And I did even though I wasn’t sure I believed in it
The book, I mean – not the truth – I surely do believe
In the truth; but it’s a funny thing truth – everyone’s
Is slightly skewed and slanted to their own perspective

Then the one lawyer started asking me questions about
The night in question – imagine – that’s what they called
That awful night when you were killed as if there was
Any question about it when everyone knew the date
Most especially me because I was there after all but I
Played along because our lawyer said it would be best

The day became dream-like after that because my testimony
Just was a recitation of the facts was how they put it
But really it was just me telling my story – again – yes
That’s right – again – in order to put that killer away
Forever, I had to get up in front of everybody and tell
That horrible story with all the details again, again, again
Testimony – it’s more like test the memory or test the victim
Why don’t they just call it that, I wonder – it’s that awful

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