Thursday, May 13, 2010


Why is it, plans newly made
The ones that cost the most
Literally and figuratively
The ones that feel written
In stone, are also the ones
That almost immediately
Most require a change

Out of the blue, as they say
Comes notice of something so
Huge, there is no ignoring it
No putting it off to the side
No pretending it’s not going
To happen and that you don’t
Have to take part in it

And the original plan and
The new event are going to
Collide with such exactitude
That there will be no getting
Around it; there will be no
Way to post-pone either
Moment in time - they will
Occur no matter what you do

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heart to Heart

You have owned my heart
Longer than I have had it

Wherever I travel, you go
There too, a part of every

Thing and every place I am,
By way of your constant love

For me, your unconditional
Love that has proven its

Strength and heart healing
Worth, time and time over
Let me be worthy of owning

Your heart, the one I know
You leave for safe-keeping
Always beating perfectly
In time with mine


Monday, May 10, 2010


We walk the streets looking
For a sign, any sign that once
These homes housed ones
Such as we – but there is
Little or no evidence

Now, the places look similar
Each one the same as
Every other; all painted trim
And newly shingled

With false brick facades
And cheery gingerbread
Edges and mailboxes
With hearts cut-out

They look eerily story-book
Familiar but with a patina
Of fake all the same
And there seems to be
Little soul associated
With the neighbourhood

Of our youth – we slow
As we come to the end of
Another block and look back
At the uniformity – all the lawns
Exactly the same; the fences
Perfect heights surrounding
Perfect lots – but no children

Anywhere – in fact,
One could be forgiven
For thinking it a ghost
Town – there are no people
To be seen in our old
Ghetto – it’s been renovated

And it’s beyond depressing
Now; it’s hard to put a name
To why we cannot embrace
This improvement
It feels all wrong as if they
Tore down a park and put up
A parking lot

They walked the earth
When it was newly wrought
And walk it still – stately,
Majestic beasts
Ancient wisdom travelling
In herds

Herds where the males stomp
And charge
And carry on, but it’s
The aunties and the mamas
That control the group
Protect the young,
Keep the peace

Elephantine has many meanings
And some of them
Quite ugly—
Clumsy, unwieldy—
But really?
It just means elephant-like
In manner

Then the word sings,
Is melodic with its
Four syllables
And speaks of an
Abundance of
Large pachyderms

A great number
Of the magnificent
Ones that travel
In herds and honour
Their dead in graveyards
Almost human-like
Elephantine – it sounds
Like music.


Sunday, May 9, 2010


You were the last thing I needed, another dog
Just after having our last put down
And me spiralling before that awful day
As it was, to learn that you were coming
To live with us – I wasn’t very gracious
About it, but it just seemed too much
I don’t remember the early weeks
Much except that you cowered a lot
Looked like you expected to be hit if anyone
Moved too quickly, or spoke too loud
And while I don’t recall this, apparently
You ran away at least twice and had to be
Bailed out of the pound – once you were gone
For over a week – it seemed you could hardly
Believe anyone wanted you – did you sense
I couldn’t care less ... I regret that now

 Then, as I started to feel better, you
Came wherever I was and stayed near me;
I began to appreciate your gentleness
Could not quite believe the mix you purportedly
Sported – oh, your Border Collie traits were
Obvious, especially on walks; off-leash, you
Would try herding every animal in sight
But part wolf? At first I couldn’t see it
Then I noticed you in the yard with your head
Thrown back, ears pricked up and snout sniffing
The wind, nostrils quivering, for all you were worth

And when I told the vet you caught mice – he
Said that was common for canines but when I
Told him you also ate them, he hesitated, looked
At you at little more closely and said, that was
More a lupine feature and respectfully, admitted
You might have quite a bit of that mixture after all
Farley, the wolf-dog that shares my life and lets me
Share his – gentleness, muse, confessor, my pet.