Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mile High Reflections
Expecting snow, and ski-crazed folks
And finding sophistication and politeness
That made us feel more Canadian than
We were used to; Saks Fifth Avenue
Solar panel crops, Hermes, sky scraping
Buildings that seemed sculpted to suit
The landscape and everywhere flowers
A city as lush as Victoria, on Vancouver
Island, with out-sized blossoms all over
Even though it was a dry spring and the
Creek was low, the cottonwoods just now
Beginning to blow fuzz; Pike’s Peak still
Heavy with its bounty of run-off not yet
Forth-coming; hard to imagine it would
Get greener still, this Eden-like Denver

On Wings of Silver

It is dawn, or very nearly so
And from outside my tiny window
I can see the far horizon’s rosy glow

A coral shade that’s only barely there
Beneath the faded blue of everywhere
And still old Luna, she’s stays up, and fair

At forty thousand feet, we’re flying up above
A planet far below, the third rock that I love
And as always, I am travelling with a peace dove

Nestled deep, well-hidden within my heart
A symbolic bird of hope, as real to me as any part
Helps me to stay a course I’ll try never to depart

Hours later, sleep-fed, and many miles gone too
I know that soon I’ll land and then I’ll be with you
Luna is pale but winks at me, even she bids me, adieu

Friday, June 4, 2010

Z is for Zee, or Zed, or Zenith

Just when you suspect you might be getting
A little bit past your prime, not old exactly
But no longer a youngster either – the coolest
Thing can occur; if you happen to be one
Of the lucky ones, you’ll get a grandchild to love
And this gift will slough years off you as if
You’ve had surgery, remarkable, magical surgery

Where once you might have been winding down
You will begin again winding back up
Re-energized, filled with a joie de vive
That you vaguely remember from when your
Own kids were young and everything seemed
Possible, do-able, and potential was unlimited
It won’t be the end or the middle even but the
Best of all possible times, the zenith you’ll
Think, has finally arrived, and you are ready

Monday, May 31, 2010

White Shirt by Laurie MacFayden: a review by S.E.Ingraham

White Shirt, Laurie MacFayden’s debut collection of poems, is filled with contradictions and affirmations, all of which contribute to leading the reader down paths that echo with the voice of this enigmatic, seemingly straight-forward, and anything but, word-weaver. A one-time sports-writer, MacFayden’s predilection for hockey and all things boyish is reflected in poems such as “five hole” but, just as you’re sure you’ve got her number, figured her out, she flays you raw with something as lovely and somewhat feminine feeling as “song for bedtime”. MacFayden’s voice is as gravelly on the page as it is on the microphone, as much a pleasure to read as it is to hear. With seemingly boundless courage, she takes a hard look at life and reports back her thoughts in words unique to her experience. Let’s hope she’s just getting started.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


It all comes down to this she said
Writing, getting along, life, winning—
Losing even— when you think about
The big picture or the smallest
Things—the really important word
Or maybe it’s not the word so
Much as an attitude—the really
Essential ingredient you need
Is an open-ness to everything and
A willingness that allows you
To experience anything and every-
thing that comes your way, even
If just for a moment, or a little bit
Of time – just drink it in, say yes
To it all, and you will be the richer
For it, she said, say yes.