Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rubicon - My Own Personal One...

Hello S.E.Ingraham,

Thank you for your submission to Blah Blah mag. We know that you put a lot of time and effort into your submission, so we appreciate you thinking of us. Right or wrong, we have decided against using your work in our next issue.

You indicated you wanted to receive feedback on your submission. Since you put the effort into submitting to us, we feel you deserve an explanation for our decision. There's nothing worse than submitting to a publication and learning nothing from the process. Here is the raw feedback from our editors: 

This did not move us. The one about the High Level Bridge almost did for me because I live in Toledo.

Having said that, we're just one publication with one opinion. In the end we can't help but publish what we like. We could be wrong about your piece and it wouldn't be the first time. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to look at this piece - we appreciate it - and wish you best of luck in finding a suitable publisher for your work. (In fact, check out our 
Friends of Blah Blah mag page for a list of other publishers that may be interested in your work!). We hope you'll continue to consider Blah Blah mag in the future.

Artistically yours

The Blah Blah mag Editorial Team


Dear Blah Blah mag Editorial Team

Just a quick note to thank you for your thoughtful and lengthy rejection note. You are quite right. There is nothing worse than submitting to a publication and learning nothing from the process. (Well, I suppose there are some things that are worse; that vet who killed the giraffe and fed him to the lions in front of the kids at the zoo in Copenhagen last week, that seemed infinitely worse somehow...) That being said, I'm sorry my work didn't move you this time around. I am puzzling over the High Level Bridge almost making the cut because of the Toledo thing...I suppose there's a lesson in there somewhere, I just need to figure out what it is. .

All kidding aside, I do appreciate the suggestion to check out the "Friends of Blah Blah mag"...a quick peek revealed at least five places I wasn't aware of before, and will be investigating further.

I most certainly will consider Blah Blah mag sometime in the future. It might be a while...I'm having a bit of trouble figuring you out just now and, I'm not doing too badly with some other publications, so you're off the hook.

Thanks for considering my work and for putting out such a quality publication. It is a joy to read.