Friday, June 4, 2010

Z is for Zee, or Zed, or Zenith

Just when you suspect you might be getting
A little bit past your prime, not old exactly
But no longer a youngster either – the coolest
Thing can occur; if you happen to be one
Of the lucky ones, you’ll get a grandchild to love
And this gift will slough years off you as if
You’ve had surgery, remarkable, magical surgery

Where once you might have been winding down
You will begin again winding back up
Re-energized, filled with a joie de vive
That you vaguely remember from when your
Own kids were young and everything seemed
Possible, do-able, and potential was unlimited
It won’t be the end or the middle even but the
Best of all possible times, the zenith you’ll
Think, has finally arrived, and you are ready


  1. I loved this poem and it's precious image.