Sunday, May 9, 2010


You were the last thing I needed, another dog
Just after having our last put down
And me spiralling before that awful day
As it was, to learn that you were coming
To live with us – I wasn’t very gracious
About it, but it just seemed too much
I don’t remember the early weeks
Much except that you cowered a lot
Looked like you expected to be hit if anyone
Moved too quickly, or spoke too loud
And while I don’t recall this, apparently
You ran away at least twice and had to be
Bailed out of the pound – once you were gone
For over a week – it seemed you could hardly
Believe anyone wanted you – did you sense
I couldn’t care less ... I regret that now

 Then, as I started to feel better, you
Came wherever I was and stayed near me;
I began to appreciate your gentleness
Could not quite believe the mix you purportedly
Sported – oh, your Border Collie traits were
Obvious, especially on walks; off-leash, you
Would try herding every animal in sight
But part wolf? At first I couldn’t see it
Then I noticed you in the yard with your head
Thrown back, ears pricked up and snout sniffing
The wind, nostrils quivering, for all you were worth

And when I told the vet you caught mice – he
Said that was common for canines but when I
Told him you also ate them, he hesitated, looked
At you at little more closely and said, that was
More a lupine feature and respectfully, admitted
You might have quite a bit of that mixture after all
Farley, the wolf-dog that shares my life and lets me
Share his – gentleness, muse, confessor, my pet.


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  1. wonderful lines,
    thank you for the gifts in poetry!
    Happy Monday!