Monday, May 10, 2010


They walked the earth
When it was newly wrought
And walk it still – stately,
Majestic beasts
Ancient wisdom travelling
In herds

Herds where the males stomp
And charge
And carry on, but it’s
The aunties and the mamas
That control the group
Protect the young,
Keep the peace

Elephantine has many meanings
And some of them
Quite ugly—
Clumsy, unwieldy—
But really?
It just means elephant-like
In manner

Then the word sings,
Is melodic with its
Four syllables
And speaks of an
Abundance of
Large pachyderms

A great number
Of the magnificent
Ones that travel
In herds and honour
Their dead in graveyards
Almost human-like
Elephantine – it sounds
Like music.


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