Monday, May 24, 2010


You can live without it of course and sometimes
It’s probably preferable, given the state of the world
But mostly one seeks it out, tries to find where
It’s hiding – oh, and it does hide at times, it does

Just when you think you can’t stand another moment
You have stepped off the curb for the last time
There will be no coming back from the dark place
You have set off for this time and you are sure of that

You hear, as sailors hear, the siren song of sanity
It’s a sweet melody and it sounds like an angelic choir
At first you think you are imagining things, you do, after all
Have one foot over the edge of the abyss and are ready

 To jump free, leave every bit of reason and logic behind
When something calls you back, makes you hesitate
Has you questioning your actions and realizing that you
Are not after all, so far gone that you cannot be saved

It’s the hesitation that gets you – every time, that pause
That keeps you from going fully nuts and you know it’s really
A good thing but there’s a part of you that wishes you could
Just let go and be gone; not the sane part, but you know ...

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