Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ways to Escape the Bin

Start talking in a calm collected manner
Stop mentioning how much you want to die
Pretend to eat most of your meals
(You can flush most of the stuff if you need to)
Start washing your hair, wearing makeup
Get dressed everyday; no more wearing
Hospital pyjamas all day, every day

When you meet with your doctor
Be amiable and agreeable and say you
Will definitely try the new medication regime
It sounds like just the ticket – don’t ever
Let on that you’ve been palming the pills
They’ve been giving you since you arrived
On the ward; what they don’t know might
Hurt you, but as of now, you don’t care

When they suggest you go to group therapy
Nod enthusiastically and agree – then go
Contribute, but not too much, just enough
To convince that doctor – the facilitator
That you are well enough to fly the coop
If you are offered a pass, act reluctant but
In the end, accept it, walk out with whomever
In your family has been kind enough to
Fetch you – go home with them, and, at
Your first opportunity, disappear again.

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