Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shopping for Care

Exhausting, that’s what it is
Going from place to place
Interviewing owners, and staff
And you know, no matter
How much research you do
Or how careful you are
It’s going to be a crapshoot
I mean, look at that poor Mom
In Stoney, she did everything
Right and still, her toddler?
Dead in emergency – the daycare?
Not at fault, the baby fell hard
It could happen to anyone

Two days later, another -
This time an infant in Leduc
Rushed to a medical centre
Unconscious, barely breathing
Shaken baby syndrome
The determination, but, why
The mother wails, I checked
Their references, I did

Shopping for a funeral home now
The parents have little energy
For this task – who would?
And yet still, they are getting
The feeling, even through their
Grief that there may be a way
To do this wrong as well



  1. I can't think why no-one has commented on this excellently crafted but tragic poem. Even where an accident is the fault of no-one, the feelings of guilt must be just about insupportable.

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  3. Sadness so well expressed!Last para is moving

  4. sad, beautiful delivery.

    wishing you the best.
    share one piece with us today, make more friends...

    bless you.

  5. So tragic for children and the aging. This is so sad, but brilliantly written.

  6. So much sadness involving young children, lately.
    I don't know, but if it is at all possible stay home with the tots until they are old enough to speak and walk.