Sunday, June 27, 2010

To Tell the Truth
If truth be told, I must say
There have been times
I’ve let things slide and yes
Let you think that all be well

If truth be told, there are days
I wish you would just
Zip your lip and keep silent
Or at least keep your opinions

To yourself and let me pretend
That you agree with most
Everything that I expound
And don’t feel the need

To play devil’s advocate
During every discussion we
Ever have—because you do
You know—and when I say why

You always say you don’t at all
Or that, if you do, it’s for the fun
To keep things lively for us
Both—but I say—no, don’t

If truth be told, it wearies me
More often than enlivens so
Be a dear, quiet now, listen, hear
Let’s not fight, and just say we did

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