Sunday, June 27, 2010

Amolite, Amolite

It is the official provincial gemstone
And also only one of only three stones
In the last fifty years to have been
Declared a new “gem” in the entire world.

It was formed over seventy million years ago
And is only found here, in the southern part
Of the province and there is a limited supplied
Or so the story goes – there is some dispute
About the veracity of both the exclusivity
And the location of the stone

However, owning some of this iridescent magic is addictive;
One piece is never enough—at least that has been my experience
And I am not big on jewellery; but this, this is something different

It comes in hundreds of shades and permutations, and they all
Mean different things according to the tribes that live in the area
Surrounding the small region where they are found

Perhaps that is part of the attraction, at least for me—
The legends that accompany this incredibly interesting
And beautiful stone;

I find myself wearing my greener
Necklace on days I need healing
The purple striated earrings when
I think a bit of energy is called for
And the fiery orange-red pendant
Makes me feel oh-so-sexy when I put it on

Yes amolite, the jewel made from ammonite
The rough stone mined from shale —a treasure
And Alberta’s provincial stone
My favourite jewellery by far

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