Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Infanticide – hard to fathom
Even if the mother-to-be
Is still a child herself

Incomprehensible to think
She could be so beyond
The pale, so unknowing

She might be unable to
Grasp the reality of a baby
Growing in her, and just do

Whatever it took to rid herself
Of it – toss it out, hide it
Leave it in a toilet –

Is she a criminal, or mentally
Unfit to stand trial, to face
Up to what she has done

Does she even know what
She’s done; will she ever be
Able to face herself again



  1. I can relate to this, Sharon, on both sides of the line. We can talk about it sometime if you want. But beautifully stated, and nice layout for your blog, congrats!

  2. What compelling words you've written here. This is a very difficult and tragic experience. Your words certainly make us think.

  3. Powerful and tragic written with heart and soul. Cannot comment much more then that for it is a heart rendering situation that compels a woman to do this --I do not judge for I know not -- I have deep compassion for her and the baby who will never be.


  4. So very well, you portrayed the unknowing, unexperienced feminine youth. In this scenario, all involved will lose.