Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doily Brains have Clouded Memories

She joked often about the holes in her head
Saying treatments to keep her sane kept
Her from remembering much about her past
As well – she said she didn’t mind not being
Able to recall her kids’ childhoods, their birthdays,
The way they looked on the first day of school
Or as they crossed the stage to get their grad
Diplomas – but sometimes she’d get a flash
And a memory would float to the surface;
She would grab at it trying to clutch it but
Memories are ephemeral, slippery as
Tears shed, and sheer as clouds – and holding
Onto them is no easy thing as well she’s learned
And learned again, and again – for who remembers?

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  1. Very Interesting Indeed.. I loved it for its imagery..